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Expert at viral and Gen-Y marketing with an engineering background. Steve has released a free, short eBook on Apple and is actively pursuing a publisher for a more detailed, tell-all type book. Contact him if you are an interested publisher.


Steve has more than 20 years experience in the marketing, sales, engineering and design of creative technology for consumers and professionals. Steve is currently Senior Director of Product at after a successful acquisition of Dimdim in January 2011. Steve was previously Chief Marketing Officer at, a Web 3.0 software startup aiming to change the way the world meets online. Previously, Steve was director of worldwide strategic and next generation markets at Avid Technology, Inc. where he dramatically grew Avid’s user community, optimized new and viral approaches to strategic markets, and drove product and corporate marketing. Prior to Avid, Mr. Chazin built the product marketing function at Bowstreet and helped them achieve their broader business objective, resulting in a successful acquisition by IBM. Prior to Bowstreet, Mr. Chazin held key marketing, sales and engineering roles at Apple Computer, Inc., where he managed the New England sales territory, drove a strategic partnership with the Harvard Business School, rebuilt Apple’s Education marketing efforts and helped return the company to profitability in the late 90’s. Prior to Apple, Mr. Chazin was a section manager and principle engineer at Raytheon, responsible for the design and fabrication of supersonic missile radar domes. He earned his BA in Physics from Franklin and Marshall College and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.


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